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Night Animals • CD Collins & Santon

Night Animals album cover

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I am interested in what happens at night, in the creatures who emerge into the safety of darkness, the vulnerable among us who are exploited by those operating undercover. I learn from the contrast between day and night, light and dark, awake and conscious, asleep and dreaming.

On the front cover, I am walking with my beloved musical partner, Santon. Blind from birth, autistic and a musical savant,  he is a shining light among us, and brings joy to all who know him. I write songs, stories and poems and Santon composes music to accompany me on the piano. We invite you to join Santon and I in our collaborative duet, our fragrant, savory garden of words and music, where  darkness is just as valuable as light.


Clean Coal Big Lie • CD Collins & Rockabetty

Clean Coal Big Lie album cover

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This controversial new album featuring songs and spoken-word pieces that will transport you to the deepest heart of Appalachia: its troubles, unforgettable characters and its ineffable, endangered beauty.

Carousel Lounge CD cover image
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Playlist Research featured the song “Watermelon Pickle” from Carousel Lounge in its February 2009 list Songs with Meaning. Playlist Research is a site that helps webcasters and traditional media find the best music.

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Subtracting Down • CD Collins & Rockabetty

Subtracting Down CD Cover

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Note: The CD version of this album includes two tracks not on the MP3 version: “In a Town this Size” and “Summertime.”

Praise for Subtracting Down

“Completely absorbing, takes me into her world so deeply that it invites the listener to get in touch with his or her own storyteller self.”

“I can listen to CD's voice reading from her heart forever.  A True Talent.”

The CD includes:

  • “Promised Candy,” winner, Best Narrative Poem, Cambridge Poetry Awards.
  • “Blood Orange,” featured on National Public Radio’s “Here & Now.”
  • 20-page full-color booklet with lyrics and reproductions of vintage Kentucky postcard images.

Kentucky Stories • CD Collins and Pincurl

CD Cover: Kentucky Stories - CD Collins and Rockabetty

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Winner, Best Spoken-Word CD,
Boston Poetry Awards

  • Includes a 20-page full-color chapbook with light paintings.

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