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I was born in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and raised in part by my great-grandfather, Whitney Hord Tipton I. “Pa” spent many years tracing the lineage of my mother’s side of the family and published The Tipton Family Genealogy in 1948. These books are now collectors’ items and have increased in value over time.

For many years, I have been writing about Kentucky—stories of families, land and community. Currently, I am writing a book of stories and essays about my home town, county and state: Mt. Sterling, Montgomery County, Kentucky. These writings highlight our fascinating people and way of life. I am also collaborating with local residents who are interested in offering stories of their own.

When the book is complete, I will publish 25 leather-bound editions. Each edition will contain original artwork based on the stories. A year after the publication of the leather-bound edition, I will publish the book in paperback format.

After publication, I will launch the book with a showing of the art and a reading at the Gateway Regional Arts Center. I will also read at other Kentucky venues, for example, Joseph Beth’s bookstore and the Carnegie Center. Following the Kentucky launch, I will tour the book and art exhibit in national venues.

My aim as a writer is to transform experiences into meaning, wisdom and beauty, to find the deeper truths beneath the facts. I believe art creates positive change and I believe in the power of art in all its forms. These leather-bound books will be a delight to read and hold, to savor and treasure. The subsequent soft-cover edition will make the book accessible to all.

I respectfully request donations which will provide crucial funding for the publication of this book. You may make contributions directly to me via PayPal at, or you can donate to the CD Collins Skytone Book Project at the Gateway Regional Arts Center, 101 E Main St., Mt. Sterling, KY 40353. Donations made through the Arts Center are fully tax deductible.

With this project, I endeavor to create a finely-wrought book and cultural artifact, following in Pa's footsteps.

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